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Queries You Should Raise When You Talk to a Plumber Before Hiring

Hiring a company specializing in blocked drains in Sydney should be done with forethought. Sydney is a home to a number of plumbing companies. Although plumbing is a flourishing industry, it is not a guarantee that everyone in the business has the capacity to provide the highest standard of service.

Whether the plumbing repair you need is intended for your commercial establishment or your home, choosing a plumber is crucial. If the repair is not done well, blocked drains can cause you inconvenience. It can also bring damage to your property and furniture. What’s worse is that it can result in an accident. Blocked drains can bring about leaks and floods, making you at risk of slipping off the floor. To avoid all of these headaches, prudence is necessary when hiring a plumber. Take note of the following questions which you should ask the plumber before you let him fix your blocked drains.

Years in Service

Don’t hesitate to ask how long the plumber has been doing plumbing repairs. It is your right to gauge his competence. Seasoned plumbers have encountered plumbing issues from the simplest to the most complex. They basically know how to deal with every unique scenario. Experienced plumbers also get to finish the project faster. No time is wasted with people who are experts in their craft.


Accidents are unavoidable when dealing with plumbing works. It’s important to know the plumber you will hire is covered with insurance as this also protects you and your property. Insurance is one of the biggest indicators that the company you are dealing with values not just its customers but also its employees.


Know how much you will be charged for the service. It is strongly advised to research on the price range of plumbing services before you contact a plumber. By knowing the standard rate for every plumbing work, you can tell if the plumber is going overboard. Make sure there will be no hidden charges. Ask about fees on new plumbing parts and emergency charges so you will not be caught by surprise when it is time to pay. Fixing blocked drains in Sydney can be done smoothly so long as you find a plumber with competence and the right attitude.